Ø + Noto - Mikro Makro

Mikro Makro

Ø + Noto

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Ø + Noto - Mikro Makro

This was the first collaboration between Carsten Nicolai and the late Finnish electronic musician Mika Vainio. It was released as both a 10’ clear vinyl and CD. MIKRO MAKRO comprises of two tracks, which were developed using samples from an MRI scanner that was interacting with Nicolai’s body. The pieces went on to become part of a soundtrack for an installation of the same name, which was exhibited in Turku, Finland.


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  1. Ø + Noto - Ø 12:25
  2. Ø + Noto - Noto 10:05
  3. Ø + Noto - Ø 11:55
  4. Ø + Noto - Noto 06:33